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What an AMAZING First Week!!

Less than a week ago we sent out a call for help and to get Middle Georgia involved in building this amazing resource. We have been absolutely Blown Away with the responses we have received. Within one day we had three National nonprofits contact us to find out how they could help. We made a commitment, to begin with, that we would be self-funded and stay self-funded. We would not accept donations. We will not compete with any organization we work with. We had a number of large organizations ask us to write grants. We refused. We ended up with a philanthropist from Atlanta insist on covering marketing for the next handful of months. He believes we need to be finding the positive with everything going on right now. We have accepted this gift. You will be seeing more about our vision in all sorts of places.

Even while the site is under construction and we are asking people to enter information in and help us. The traffic to our site and the questions people are asking is proving that Middle Georgia has needed a better support system. We are ecstatic to be able to provide what was so needed for so long.

I almost forgot to add. A local resident owned MaconGeorgia.Us and gifted it to us. So the site will be hosted in both locations.  We are proud to now be MaconGeorgia.US

Most humbly, Staff

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